FGN (Fujigen Factory) Guitars

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FGN (Fujigen Factory) Guitars

Post by aroomstudios » Fri Jun 15, 2018 10:52 pm

I just bought a LC-20E

Full Model Number
Neo Classic NLC20EMH
Website for guitar

I have to say this is one of the best Les Paul's I have. I have 6 other Les Paul's. 80's LS-80's, Burny's, Warmoth etc.

Just to break the guitar down

Long Tenons
Mother of Pearl inlays
Nitro top coat (poly undercoat I think)
Mahogany Body, top and neck
Ebony fret board
ABR-1 bridge
Duncan SH-1n neck and SH-4 bridge. I put new PU in (or I am going to in a few weeks)
All Gotoh Hardware
They have something call Circle Fret System CFS on them. Not sure if this is good or bad yet:


Then go to features
Circle Fretting System (C.F.S.)

Slightly curved frets are mounted as each string and fret intersect at right angles to minimize the contact surface.
You can obtain accurate pitch, cleaner longer sustain and true harmonics.
*The frets we use aren't special. You can ask your nearest repair shop to hit them from the edge of the fingerboard when refret.
I got mine used so not sure if this is stock
But It had Gibson breaded wire through out including the 3 way switch.

This is an amazing guitar for the money. If this guitar was 3 times the price it would still be an amazing guitar. In the same league as high end Navigators or Gibson Historic range. Check out their full website here:


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Post by brokentoes » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:39 pm

Killer !!!! I wonder do they make them in wine red ??

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Post by aroomstudios » Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:41 pm

I think they do. It is funny on their site they are only in black. But if you go on used sites like Ebay, Reverb, Buyee (where I got mine for a little under a grand USD) and so on. I see them in white (this model for sure) I think I saw red but it could have been a different model. So, yes I think they do make they in other colors.

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