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Telecaster refurb (or potential destruction)

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Lucke Luke
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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 3:23 am    Post subject: Telecaster refurb (or potential destruction) Reply with quote


A long time ago I picked up an old, unknown telecaster body. It has a three piece body with relatively pleasant grain.

I've sanded it down and now I have a few questions/dilemmas.


1. What kind of pickup combination should I go for? The standard Tele with two singles? Or is it worth putting a humbucker or a P90 into the bridge position? Bearing in mind that I've already got a LP, SG and two Explorers with humbuckers...

Issues: seems that the routing doesn't quite accommodate a single pickup, unless I was to adjust the hole. Secondly, it seems to be wider than the metal bridge plate. Which probably means I'd have to cover it up somehow nicely (For example adding a nice timber trimming around the metal bridge plate.

(there are also milimeter wide gaps on both sides of the metal plate)

2. I've got a strat neck for it (unknown again) and it seems to fit alright-ish. However, does the distance from the bridge to the neck nut matter if we are to consider the intonation and stuff. Or can it shift sideways a bit? (eg closer to the body or further as at the moment the holes in the neck don't quite match those in the body)

1. Height? 2. Strat neck I believe needs to be sanded down in order to get a flush fit, but then, will that affect intonation if 3. is moved sideways, to either direction.

I'm tempted to go for black hardware and combine it with a bit of african blackwood that I've got (for the switch cover plate, as well as neck pickup).

Also what on earth are the three holes on the left side of the bridge...? And, how far away is the surface of the fingerboard meant to be off the surface of the body? Does it matter?

Just to clarify, this is a little project for myself just to play with tools and see what's what, I'm perfectly aware that I will probably end up f..... it up
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