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Post by MIJvintage » Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:07 pm

greco_burst wrote:I received an email from Tokai Joe, who has helped me with the purchase of this guitar along with his brother, Tokai Joe also assisted in the translations from Deviser, and then communicated with Deviser to double check the information given. And asked me to post his message, to clarify more about the finish of my BLS-120 King Burst.

hello everyone, Tokai Joe here how r u since?
i am still unable to come back here cause of
ICQ# and "MIJ" but i will try later so laters.

this Bacchus BLS120 was bought by me and
my bro for Grecoburst a while ago and its a
genuine BLS120 heritage dark cherry sunburst
from 1998/1999. they only made 100 or so
this model so its kinda rare among Bacchus.

it has a lacquer coat on top of poly finishes.
and the 1998 Bacchus catalog officially says
so too. in the japanese guitar business we call
it lacquer not nitro. we just call it lacquer here
and its never called nitro. so its lacquer........
all great Bacchus infos by Grecoburst are true.
we, i and his ladies and him did our research
well and we even talked to Deviser for the infos.
its very correct guaranteed by me and so
please use it right.

ok TF guys. keep talkin and G'day!

"Tokai Joe" from yokohama, japan.
Tokai Joe aka Sushi Guy is, "unable to come back here cause" of his inability to control his tantrums & his verbage in this forum; doesn't have anything to do with MIJ :wink:

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