Anyone else own a Vester Les Paul Tradition model?

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Anyone else own a Vester Les Paul Tradition model?

Post by davejm » Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:01 am

The reason I ask is because after owning one for a few years I can't decide what it is about the 'proportions' of it that don't seem quite right in terms of the 'classic' Les Paul shape, seen from the front. It's a subtle difference, but after all this time there remains 'something' that just looks incorrect when you look at it full length, front on.
It must be the relative positions of selector switch, pus, etc, because the body shape, neck, headstock seem 'authentic', proportionally.

I've compared it visually with MIJs and a Standard, but whatever is making it look somehow 'wrong' eludes me.
The most obvious difference is the knob placement being slightly different than the 'average' LP positioning, but no greater than the kind of MIJ variation you can get, so it isn't this that's making the thing look wrong.
Possibly it's the cutaway starting fractionally too far up along the neck, which gives the look of too much fretboard on the body, combined with the bridge pu being a tad too far from the bridge, fractionally bunching too much in the centre of the top, but I just can't decide.

It's been irritating me for so long now I thought I'd see what any other Vester owners thought - I don't own a camera and I suspect that you'd have to have the guitar in front of you [and another LP too, probably] to get any idea what I'm going on about.
I know we're in the realm of Subjectivity here, folks, but I'm wondering if it's just my perception or not.
Thoughts, fellow Vesterers? :)


PS edit (Nov 20): Just by the by, given the perfectly understandable disinterest :lol: - I now suspect that the major visual, 'aesthetic' disparity lies in the curve of the edge and the very shape of the top bout which resultantly is slightly wider than almost any other Les Paul type shape I've seen.
As you were. :)

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Re: Anyone else own a Vester Les Paul Tradition model?

Post by Joop » Thu Oct 13, 2022 2:02 pm

Hi, I just saw an add from someone looking for a Vester LP so I had a look. The first thing I noticed on a cherry sunburst is indeed the cut away shape. It reminded me of one of the Les Paul Herritage 80 series. Have a look and see if that shape is the same.

I think very few people know about this Korean brand that apparently made great LP guitars for a short period of time.

Good luck & Njoy!

Vintage tone requires time, not technology..... :wink:

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