WTS 2007 Tokai LS230 5A top, collectors grade, unplayed

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WTS 2007 Tokai LS230 5A top, collectors grade, unplayed

Post by the_man » Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:57 pm

she clearly is a newer one. the mahogany-back is from brazil. the fretboard is from indian ebony. of course MIJ.

http://gallery.me.com/rgrafend#100149&b ... &view=grid

- the pups are Mark-2 (Tokai), close to the 64-66
- the neck is slim, like a 61
- nitro finish
- open book
- medium/long tenon
- 59 wireing and caps

- 5A (!!!) macthed top (well, you know what that means for a collector)
- heavy: 4120g (brazlian maho)

Still: she is one of the few of her kind.To my knowledge Tokai built 10 of them. This maple top is very difficult to find for matched 5A flames

Soundwise she is dark and heavy. if you are into jazz/easy blues: don't bother.

However, if you are into the dark side of sound like Slash: there you are. She looks like a 59, plays like a 61 and sounds like a 66. at 10 you get distortion without a green frog.

asking price without shipment and case: Euro 1600.--. I paid 1800.--, but I play blues.

Cheers, Rup

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