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Post by GET THE LED OUT » Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:23 am

Super Locrian wrote:Yea, JV is right.. It even says "since 1977" on the headstock. I have a Seventy Seven Stork Cherry. Its one of the coolest guitar I have because LP tend to be too heavy for my taste..but I love LP's feel and design . The Stock has such a nice weight and it sounds great..plus the craftsmanship is bar none...
How would you describe the neck. Is it on the chunky side, or is it closer to the 60's slim taper? I prefer the 60's coz unfortunately my hands aren't very big. Also, how do the pups sound? (subjective question I know). I'm seriously looking at a Stork FM and possibly upgrading the pups to some Wizz pafs with the cream bobbins.

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