85-86 AJB70J, TOKAI Jazz Sound Bass, Fretless w/Markers

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85-86 AJB70J, TOKAI Jazz Sound Bass, Fretless w/Markers

Post by krose » Tue Jun 09, 2015 3:26 am

Hello All,
I purchased a 85-86 AJB70J, TOKAI Jazz Sound Bass. It has the Angled Headstock, fretless with markers, with a YSO(R) finish.
Number on Neck Plate: L20449
The story: Was played in the 80s. Owner lost interest and was put in storage in 1989. Taken out of storage and purchased by me in May, 2015. It was in storage for 25 years. Was stored and protected in it's gig bag. Laid on its back so some imprinting of the fabric is in the back side topcoat (see photos). Excellent shape, neck still has all the finish. Gleams in the light. Shows small signs of use. Some indentations but no belt buckle rash or scratches in the finish. For a 30 year old bass it looks great. Check out the photos.
Cleaned, polished, added a new set 3050 GHS SS Flatwounds and set height and intonation. Plays great, great sustain, very solid.
Really a find. Plays as good as the American Standard P-Bass I have.
Check out the photos........Kim
All Photos Are High Res. They will zoom a lot.
Who's drive'n this train ??....Who's Casey Jones ??

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