Is this a legit Tokai?

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Is this a legit Tokai?

Post by zpr » Mon Aug 31, 2020 3:47 pm

I've recently found a Tokai Love Rock Les Paul for sale. Here's the link to the auction: ... 115f9e3345

I'm selling a classic Les Paul - Tokai Love Rock. The guitar has a great sustain and sound. The weight is typical as for a Les Paul. In my opinion it's on the level of a Gibson Studio. It's full set up and ready to play. Equipped with 10-46 strings. I add a vintage leather bag for the guitar.

After a few questions I learnt that the guitar was made in Korea in 1995. I see no serial numbers so I had doubted wether it's legit, but on some other forum I learnt that MIK Tokais in that era had no serials on the neck (and so claims the seller).

I wish someone could tell by the photos if it is not some cheap Chinese replica of Tokai. If you decide it's all right I'll set up the meeting. The price also seems quite suspicious - it's 530€/$630

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