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Post by japanstrat » Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:21 pm

In general yes, but Terada would have done the G serial OBG's and K Orville inlays exactly the same way with the same routing and glue and that's why they drop out. The G serial OBG's and K Orville necks and headstocks are exactly the same. There are G serial OBG's with neck heels and K Orvilles with neck heels. Terada was deciding what became a OBG and what became a K Orville from the same basic bodies and necks in a lot of cases. Some bodies that were rejected as not being quite good enough for OBG bodies ended up as K Orville bodies and some K Orvilles have 2 different wiring channel schemes, the G serial OBG diagonal wiring channel scheme and also a overlayed centre wiring channel scheme.

Some of the rejected G serial OBG bodies with the diagonal wiring channel that became K Orvilles were later rerouted with a centre wiring channel maybe depending on if there were any mistakes in the routing of the original diagonal wiring channel but some K Orvilles just have a G serial OBG diagonal wiring channel. The K Orvilles must be the same as the G serial OBG's because of some K Orvilles having a G serial OBG diagonal wiring channel and then also having a centre wiring channel. There is no reason for the 2 different wiring channels except that the K Orvilles that have the two wiring channel schemes must have been originally routed to be a OBG G serial body with just a diagonal wiring channel. When some of these OBG G serial bodies got rejected they sometimes also had the centre wiring channel routed and became K Orvilles. The G serial OBG's got a nitro finish and in some cases a better looking body top with less pieces of wood and a stamped serial number and sometimes fret edge binding and USA pickups but basically in a lot of cases a G serial OBG and a K Orville are made the same way.

Some of the top end G serial OBG bodies and necks would have been selected for just the top end OBG's but the rejected run of the mill G serial OBG bodies became K Orvilles in a lot of cases. A lot of the G serial OBG's and K Orvilles have mixed long and medium long and medium tenons so it's a random grab bag on what tenon you get with a lot of G serial OBG's and K Orvilles. The G serial OBG SG's and the K Orville SG's are exactly the same except for the nitro/poly finish and pickups. The Fujigen no letter serial OBG's and Orvilles are basically made the same way as well.

The Fujigen no letter serial OBG's and Orvilles don't have a diagonal wiring channel like the Terada G serial OBG's and K Orvilles and they have a different down the side wiring channel and their inlays don't seem to drop out as much (like the Fujigen Grecos) probably because of being routed and glued a different way to Terada. Different factories, different ways of doing things. The Fujigen OBG's and Orvilles always have a long tenon.

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inlay source

Post by moredirt » Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:46 am

I've got an inlay problem with this black Terada ObG. For those of you in the US, do you know of a good source for single inlays or sets? Thanks!

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