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Post by Walnut550 » Sun Sep 01, 2019 2:52 am

Hi Guys,

I just recently bought my first Greco, (SA 550 W), and it sounds amazing. Greco embossed pickup covers (I figure they're PU1000), with January 1974 date code underneath. The neck is ridiculously slim - I'm going to try to get more string gap by changing the bridge saddles, and nut. I'm aware I shouldn't go too close to the edge of the fretboard, but I really struggle to play some stuff on it.
I have a question about the bridge:
Is there a company that makes replacement saddles to drop straight in, that I can put slots in a little wider? My other tune o matic style bridges I have here are too high, (one is a Gotoh, others are cheap no-name), and make the action way too high. From what I can tell, the Greco bridge is on the small side (like the neck), and other brand saddles I have seen specs for online, are too big.
Any help appreciated...
I'm actually highly tempted to pull the Nashville style post anchors, and go the full ABR installation....

Cheers, Ian.

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