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Greco Thunderbird Bass

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:35 pm
by aroomstudios
I have Several Tokais. I tokai made burney 1978 Les Paul and 2 81 LS80's plus a newer one. So I know how good good MIJ guitars can be. I have always wanted a Gibson Thunderbird Bass but never got around to getting one. It is not they type of bass I would use too often. I mainly use my Fender J-Bass. So, I do not want to spend the money on a 80's Gibson T-Bird but want a quality bass for less. What do you guys this about the Greco TB?

What do you guys this of this one? ... SweNNZorla

I have no idea about the Grecos yet. With regards to knowing what model and year are the best. Also, what to look for as I know people try to pawn off cheaper models as higher end models. I know a lot of what to look for with regards to the Tokai LS series. I can spot a fake Chinese piece of garage being pawned off as a vintage Ls80/100 etc a mile away. I really know nothing about the TB series yet. Let me know what one you guys like. Looking to spend maybe $800-$1100 or so USD. Still probably a few months away from buying one if I do though.