1979 St65 one or two piece body?

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1979 St65 one or two piece body?

Post by Almostpilot » Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:42 am

here are some pictures of my nice (i think) ST65. Have not seen many of these around. It is from 1979, all numbers match, A-marked scratchplate with E pups. The guy who owned it before me was convinced that it is a one piece body. I am less convinced.
Can you tell me who is right? And also, what you think a ST65 might go for these days.
Thank you.

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Post by J.E.M. » Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:23 am

Two piece...

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Post by felixcatus » Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:39 am

I think so too.

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Post by marcusnieman » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:32 am

Beautiful! Like the guys said above, two piece (you can see the slight seam from the bridge plate to the strap button) but a GREAT example of the flawless matching they did back then.

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Post by villager » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:57 am

2 piece centre seam..beautiful

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Post by Dave_Mc » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:34 pm

Yeah I'd guess two as well.

Look in the cavity of the trem, just behind the block (or behind the claw) perpendicular to the front/back of the guitar- that's often where it's easiest to see, the join and opposing grain show up slightly more clearly there. That's about the only place where I can see for sure on mine that it's two-piece.

EDIT: Though even in that last pic you can sort of see the opposing grain in the centre there.
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Post by bluejeannot » Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:42 pm


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Post by 3rdstone » Sat Oct 03, 2015 3:17 pm

Like the gentlemen above said; Two piece by judging from these pics.

But damn, the matching of these two pieces (and those lovely grains) is so beautiful that it totally shows the quality and craftmanship when these Tokai strats were made.

Congrats to a beautiful strat.
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