Opinions on LS-50 Reborn Headstock

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Post by JVsearch » Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:15 am

jimi123 wrote:700 quid plus commissions, freight and customs charges for a LS-50 - sounds like not much change from a grand to 1200 based on rinkyas customs declarations...... because two non-japanese bidders had a ^&*(-fight over it...... looks like some readers don't agree with the 'fake headstock' story.
Yeah, it wasn't fake, and in fact was a virtually unused early Reborn GT.
Too rich for me, because it was above the level in Australia where import duty and tax will cut in. 90k yen - $1150 AUD plus about $250 to Rinkya, so $1400 for an LS-50, it's quite a lot! I guess I wont be getting one now... :lol:
Totally biased towards Japanese made guitars.

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Post by the_man » Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:48 pm

hi, just curious about the double-ring tuners: I play a 900 LS80 and the original tuners (had to replace 2 by now) have the same lousy, cheap apperaance as on the pics. like Tokai couldn't manage extrusion.

the lady is top notch, but the tuners aren't. any idea why?

cheers, rup

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