Negative Attacks

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Negative Attacks

Post by ned » Tue Feb 19, 2008 3:03 pm

Just to let everyone know I have been threated with a lawsuit due to negative postings on one of the forums I run. As the rules state I will no longer tolerate any negative postings about eBay sellers or private sellers.

There will be no second chances on this as I will not put my family in jeopardy for this or any other forum. Negative postings will be deleted immediately. I do NOT have a sense of humor about this, if you decide it will be funny to make sarcastic remarks you will be banned - no warnings.

I have already had to implement this today with a long time contributor who decided it would be better to send obscene PM's along with posting private messages in the open forum.

I have tried to conduct this forum at a high level and in general it has been a very peaceful place with great information that stayed on target. It will stay this way or cease to exist as I will not let it turn into Harmony Central. If you want to post sarcasic and childish remarks go there, if you want to talk about Japanese made guitars please feel free to stay, contribute and ask questions.

Let me add some clarification. If you had a bad experience with someone feel free to indicate that just do so without attacking the person or going into details why. A simple "my experience was not positive and I would not buy from again" is sufficient.