Hello and Love Rock Mystery (great book title!)

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Hello and Love Rock Mystery (great book title!)

Post by Tedshirt » Mon Nov 30, 2020 6:13 pm

Been meaning to join this forum for years. I had a Goldstar Sound as a 21st birthday present (a bit earlier than my birthday) and I'm now 56! It was a creamy coloured one with rosewood (or dark wood) fingerboard. I have to confess I was pretty rough with this guitar but it served me well for many years. Eventually I modded it (I know!) to take two P90 soapbar pickups, using a pearloid scratchplate I made myself. I sanded off the decals and the varnish on the back of the neck. Not long after that it was stolen (about 12 years ago) - that's why I mention it, really, just incase anyone on this forum might have seen it (there are other identifying features I won't bore you with here)?
Anyway...I got a Springy Sound with the v-shape neck as part of a trade-in back in the early to mid 90s. I changed the scratchplate (I know!) to another pearloid job - I guess I have a thing about shiny plastics. I still have this guitar and (apart from the aforementioned) it's pretty much original, if a bit roadworn.
Then yesterday I bought a Love Rock. It's a great instrument - a dream to play, with incredible sustain. It was sold to me as a Chinese model but, having done some internet research, I'm beginning to have my doubts. The seller assured me that he bought it brand new in 1998 but, as I understand it, there were no Chinese Tokais before 2005 and the guy had no reason to lie to me about it's age. The serial number begins with CH0808, which might explain why he thought it was Chinese (I've seen several forum replies where it has been asserted that CH means Chinese, however there seem to be quite a few Tokais with CH0808 on the registry and I read one post stating that at least not all of them are Chinese). It has a three screw truss rod cover in the bullet shape, which rules out Japanese production. I'm inclined to think that it's a Korean model.
Does anyone have any idea? I have to put my photos on a hosting site in order to share them here - is that right?

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