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Shell Pink

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2003 2:52 am
by cornelius bonobo
Anyone ever see a shell pink springy? The one in question smells a bit fishy to me (oh there's kind of a pun there too).
Body radiusing is a bit too square, so I suspect it's just some springy parts thrown together. Still who knows?

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2003 7:43 am
by cornelius bonobo
Come on ya slackers! Anyone seen a shell pink springy? Anyone know if Tokai made one?

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2003 9:22 am
by loverockerUK

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2003 9:30 am
by cornelius bonobo
Cheers for the reply. Just out of interest, if yours wasn't dakota red, then what else would it be? Given that any decent approximation of fiesta red would be at least a touch on the pastel side be it pinky or orangy, I guess it has to be dakota if it's a strong red.

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2003 11:48 am
by loverockerUK

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2003 2:46 am
by cornelius bonobo
Candy Apple red is metallic. There's a great site with tonnes of info on custom colours if you're interested. is the link.

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2003 3:24 am
by loverockerUK

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2003 7:53 am
by tokaiguy
Candy apple starts with a gold metalic base then a translucent red sprayed on top, when it gets scratched you see the gold, I have a 62' Fender reissue that at the heel the red and gold have worn away to reveal that this one started life as a sunburst! Fender does this often with custom colors. I used to call my Fiesta red Ast 56 "Gawd awful orange" until it grew on me, and I realized what I had! Bought it on Ebay 3 years ago for $350 with the tweed case and :D without a scratch or any wear! TG

Oh they made some really weird guitars.

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2003 3:36 pm
by Eigil
Just have a look at this Goldstar (I know you guys were discussing a Springy, but anyway...!)

I own a spectacular Tokai trasistor too! Best soudning transistor I have played.

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2003 4:44 pm
by tokaiguy
My wildest AST is a 62' in bubble gum Pink with VanZants, but I have an orange metal flake Talbo with copper hardware! We call iit the "Flaming Pineapple"! :o TG

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 7:12 am
by cornelius bonobo
How does bubblegum pink compare with Shell pink? I'm guessing they're similar in all but name? By the way good choice with the VZs. I've got a set. Vintage Hot, Vintage Hot + Blues. They rock!

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 8:03 am
by james

Does the shell pink Springy look like the one in the middle of this pic? : ... ies_p2.jpg

Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 11:40 am
by tokaigeezer
Hey TG

Let's see that Flaming Pineapple with copper hardware!

Do you know if Van Zandt is still in the p/u business?

another VZ disciple


Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2003 11:57 am
by tokaigeezer
Uff da update!

answered my own question! :oops:

Several places still sell the full line of VZ pickups, even though the VZ home site itself looks slightly decrepit, hence my fear of them closing their doors

Here's a dealer who discounts them:

Already have set of VZ Blues in my Japanese Squier and they are awesome

Am pondering dropping in a set of Vintage Pluses into my Silver Star ? anyone have experience with both types out there?

Just another Tokaifool


Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2003 3:18 am
by cornelius bonobo
Tokaigeezer.I have a set of vintage + (with a blues in the bridge). I prefer the V+ to the blues as they are much less mid rangy, but still quite hot. You get a really decent quack in the in neck middle combination, but I am thinking of going to true vintages or something similar for even glassier tones. I'd definately recommend V+ though, especially if you're into that SRV sound.
By the way, I hope to have some pics to post of the pink springy soon. It has had to be lovingly restored though, and is in no way all original condition. It was the perfect guitar for my daughter though, so I took off all the fender parts and replaced them with new parts I had made. I got a local engraver to put final prospec on the blank saddles for very little money, and found a person who had a springy sound decal to replace the strat one on the headstock. The neck has been refinished and so has the body as the old paint was pretty ropey. For those of you who might be worried, I have no intention of trying to pass this off as an all original springy, it was bought with the sole intention of giving it to my little girl. In any case, the pickups are non original, as are the pots etc so anyone in the know could spot it from 10 miles away!