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Looking To Upgrade

Post by GET THE LED OUT » Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:27 am

I currently have a '92 LS55 Cherry Sunburst. The only mods are upgraded pups, (Stan Hinesley Legacy). I don't know what the originals were as there are no stamps or any markings whatsoever on them. In the next few months I would like to upgrade to a solid flame top, and the only brand new model I can see available here in Australia is the LS260, and that retails for $3395.00. I'm unsure of the neck profile on this model though, as my preference is for a 60's slim taper. I'm reluctant to source overseas models due to our import duties etc etc.
As an alternative to the Tokai, there is the Seventy Seven Stork FM, which has a solid flame top, cts pots, switchcraft toggle and jack, semi hollow body, and these retail for about $2400.00 (incl postage and hsc). I believe these models do have the 60's profile neck, and coming from the Deviser stable, the build quality will be outstanding.
Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Post by Reborn Old » Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:39 am

I never played a 77 Stork FM, but would be concerned about buying a chambered or weight relieved Les Paul, unless light weight is your main concern.

Both of my Tokai solid flame tops have '59 profile necks. Great guitars !
I would seriously reconsider buying a new Tokai. Like a new car you lose value immediately at purchase. A lot of slightly used ones are almost like new and you stand to lose a lot less upon resale.

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