how much are tokai guitars from the 80s worth??

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Post by l0tus » Sat Jan 19, 2002 5:58 pm

i have a tokai super edition x-65, and i wonder if anyone know specifically, or just in genereal what it might be worth. it was made in 1985 i think. so if anybody know the value of tokai guitars from the 80s please help me out:)

Peter Mac
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Post by Peter Mac » Sat Jan 19, 2002 8:23 pm

Hi l0tus
The X-65 would have cost 65,000yen retail in Japan in 1985 but there is no book for pricing the guitars now - it depends on what someone is willing to pay. It was not a desirable model so its value now would be less than a Love Rock or Goldstar strat from the same year.
Why is it that a 1964 strat is more than a 1964 Telecaster or 1964 Jaguar. They're all Fender, all made in 1964.... it's that more people want the the price goes up


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