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Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2001 6:47 am
by donnalynn
Anyone have one?! I have been trying to find any type of information on my guitar or any Cat's Eye's guitar for years now and this is the first place (besides the japanense Toaki-Gakki site, that has had info. That site was pretty useless to me cause I dont read japanese. People ask me all the time what kind of guitar is that? It's wonderful!! and I say Cat's Eye's and most say HUH? hehehhe
I have only guessed at what type of replicia Tokai was going for but I think I could be right. I dunno, YOU look and tell me =)
I have placed mine in the registery but I think mine is the only cats eyes.

I am looking forward to getting some info and Thanks Ned for this site!

Donna Lynn Johnson

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2001 8:11 pm
by beerslinger
Donna, I clicked on the link to view your guitar and Netscape was unable to locate the server.:sad:.It sounds like it must be a beautiful guitar based on what you put on the Registry.I saw Dwight Yokam playing what looked like a Cat's Eye on CMT one night, but it was late and I could be mistaken:???:

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2001 9:27 pm
by ned
Beerslinger - All,

I need to edit the link on Donna's entry. And why haven't I...

I have been busy working on a new Acoustic Registry which should be ready in the next few days.


Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2001 3:51 pm
by donnalynn