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Post by Guest » Fri Mar 23, 2001 3:58 pm

Thought we should have a section on this ebay seller because of all the references in other posts about his honesty !


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Post by Guest » Fri Mar 23, 2001 9:28 pm

No sense in bashing but, in Canada some smaller retailer got real excited about being able to offer what the big shops couldn't touch, but really they couldn't afford the Jap models. The list $ are a little out there, so you get this hybrid copy of a copy, all the same right. Well thats the thing the consumer, canadian who never buy american beer on tap, yeah it's cheap but I'm better than that. It really is greed, retailer and consumer just can't afford and won't pay for that fond memory of a great pretender, Tokai. If you want that and a good playing guitar hunt down an old one.....

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Post by Guest » Mon Mar 26, 2001 8:38 pm

Check the registry and see the listings of the people who got ripped. I counted at least 2. That's one too many in my opinion.It seems like we are all honest people here. I'd buy from someone else who would tell me the up and up so I could make my decision. The Korean guitars are probably OK , but let me decide. To me, Mike is slimey..

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Post by Guest » Tue Mar 27, 2001 7:24 am

Hi Everyone,

This is Mike from Mikes Music. For the past 6 months I have been selling the 2001 Limited Edition guitars exclusively in Canada. I started carrying the Tokai line approximately a year and a half ago and have sold both the Japanese and the Korean models to the regular Joe and Rock Stars alike.

Because the prices of the Japanese made Tokai's are so expensive, alot of my customers prefered to just go to a used guitar store and buy a real Gibson for $700 rather than spend over $1000 for a Tokai.

I mainly stock the Korean Tokai's. Since my store is the leading seller of Tokai's in North Amer

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Post by Guest » Tue Mar 27, 2001 7:28 am

North America, I decided to offer the customer something special...a lower cost Korean Tokai guitar made with Japanese specs. Together with the distributer of Tokai, I designed the 2001 Limited Editions in three separate models. The Gold Top with P90's, the Vintage Burst and the Cherry burst both with PAF's. I also wanted these guitars to have real flamed tops rather than photo flames found on Korean guitars. The major difference is in the wood selection. For the 2001 LE's we used solid Mahogany throughout (Neck and Body).

I kept the 2001's secret until about a month before their release. The competition immediately started saying that it was unfair that I was allowed to do this...hence all the slagging.

I respect all the other Tokai dealers and have never said a bad word about any...its not my style. I simply wanted to offer a great guitar at a great price. Numerous bands (famous and not-so famous) are out using these guitars nightly and love em...I have had lots of re-orders and referrals.

I never wanted to write on this message board, especially responding to ANONYMOUS messages. I would love to see who is behind the slagging messages.

The guitars have 2 piece mahogany neck, real flamed tops, solid mahogany body, pearl inlays, Klusson style tuners, Pearl Tokai Logo and yes, a MM2001 Limited Edition Truss cover that was put on AT THE FACTORY, NOT AT MY STORE.

These guitars were modeled after the Japanese mainly in the wood selection and Real Flamed tops...as well as the serial numbers.

Most of my customers are happy, you cannot please everyone, but I try. I HAVE NEVER ADVERTISED THESE GUITARS AS JAPANESE MADE. Modeled after the Japanese, yes.

Thanks for listening and happy playing.


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Post by Guest » Tue Mar 27, 2001 7:56 pm

If you have read my previous posts, not much more needs to be said. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to compare Mike's Love Rock to an old banged-up Gibson LP that formerly belonged to Blue Oyster Cult. I have been a Stratcat for 2/3 of my life & I don't like the weight & neck profile of real LP's. If you come up with an SG series, maybe I'll buy one of those too!!!!

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Post by Guest » Wed Mar 28, 2001 2:07 pm

Mike is certainly not telling it "as it is". The fact is, a lot of guitars coming out of Korea do NOT have "foto flame" tops. Where the heck did you get that info from? Check an Epiphone out? I have two and neither one is a "foto flame". And your LR has a sycamore top... gee, that's a bit different than a Gibson LP's maple top, isn't it? Solid mahogany back? If three or four pieces of mahogany glued together counts as "solid", that's news to me!

Perhaps a call to Active Music Products (the Canadian distributer) would shed light on this... that's where you order them from, same as everyone else in Canada...

Perhaps the reason you have so many "satisfied" customers is because they beleived all your hype.


Post by Guest » Wed Mar 28, 2001 7:17 pm

I won one of your LE's on ebay.I specifically asked you before I bid if the guitar was Korean or Japanese. You replied it was a Japanese model. That was all you said. Period. If you had told me ,I wouldn't have bid so high. Korean guitar are OK, but they are cheaper both in quality and workmanship and price. Your LE is not as nice as the LS70-VF I bought from Yoshi's just recently after being disappointed by your auction guitar and what I found out here on this site. I paid exactly the same amount, $680., for the Japanese guitar. Your LE is a good guitar , but the parts, pots, hardware is cheaper. I would have bid a max of $450. , which would have been fair.

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Post by Guest » Wed Mar 28, 2001 7:35 pm

I have just found the e-mail in my harddrive of the question to Mike and his answer. I will e-mail you and attach a copy,Ned. You may want to post a copy. This will end the dicussion about Mike and his honesty. He lies.

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Post by Guest » Wed Mar 28, 2001 7:41 pm

Mike never told me his Love Rocks were made in Japan. I don't understand what's the problem. What's bugging me right now is waiting 4 to 6 weeks for hand-wrapped botique pickups.

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Post by Guest » Thu Mar 29, 2001 6:43 pm

I emailed Mike a few days ago, asking him directly how he could be selling Love Rocks in Canada and the U.S., as I always understood that it was illegal to do so. Interesting that I have yet to receive a reply from him. What's up? Have laws changed and it's okay to sell now? As a former Tokai dealer in the U.S. back in the '80's, I'm

Just curious.

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Post by Guest » Sat Mar 31, 2001 1:24 am

Go figure? I went to another store in Ontario Canada and found Love Rock Tokai Guitars with Mahogany necks and bodies. Only difference I can see between Mike's Limited Editions and those found in other stores is ..... well ..... ummm ..... nothing !

Anyone know what makes Mike's Guitars Limited Editions ?

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Post by Guest » Sat Mar 31, 2001 10:38 am

Why is "anonymous" constantly bashing Mikes Music? I have had nothing but great service from Mikes. I have purchased lots from Mikes as well as the Tokai Limited Editions and I am pleased beyond belief. Grow up! Why are you so interested in the fact that Mike is a top dealer in Canada. Are you a dealer as well "anonymous" one? I think you must be. Mike did not lie about the guitars. I bought some!

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Post by Guest » Sat Mar 31, 2001 10:41 am

I was just looking at the Ebay auctions and noticed that Richard is selling his Tokai LE. Jees, wouldn't you know that he didnt mention it being Korean? Wow Richard, we talk the talk but dont walk the walk. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS MISLEADING......SHAME ON YOU!!!

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Post by Guest » Sat Mar 31, 2001 10:44 am

Anonymous is a lier. I personally emailed and called all the Tokai dealers in Canada along with Active music (the distributor) and they said that the Tokai LE's are the only Korean guitars made with Mahogany bodies and necks.

Anonymous must get a life, if that is possible!
Please focus your energies on other things, like learning how to play your guitar...I hear from some sources that you are quite the wanna be.

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